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Did you know you can get paid by us working from home? You can actually work where ever you would like to. In order to bring companies all over the United States good local leads it takes a lot of work. Some of that work is writing content. We will pay you for your creative writing.

It’s not a job, it’s more of a gig. We pay $15 for every 500 words.   If you’re creative, this is the easiest $15 you’ll ever earn.   Write 2 articles for us, we’ll send you $30, 5 articles and it’s $75.   You get the picture.

Here is how it works.

You write an article in “first person” talking about the company we have given you to write about.   You may be writing about trees, water heaters, towing services etc…  You will explain to your customers how your company operates or possibly giving tips on the services provided.   A good example would be tips on “how to keep your trees healthy”.   Look at this home page as an example.  “Terre Haute Tree Removal”

It’s simply you writing about a tree trimming business.  If you write 500 words you get $15, if you write 1000 words $25 (same article) or two separate 500 word articles would get you $30.   You get the picture.

It’s easy money if you think about it. You can write about how professional your tree trimming team is, work ethic, how you love the physical nature of tree trimming, different services you would offer like trimming, removal, brush removal, sheering, so on and so forth.  We are using the tree trimming/removal example here but articles in other niches also will need to be written.   We provide you will all of the important details prior to you doing any writing.

It’s great to throw in some slang words because they create originality.  Words like nitty-gritty, cats pajamas, ammiright,. Two or three slang words per article is great.

Your content must be ORIGINAL. We can’t stress this enough.  We do have a software program that checks for originality and plagiarism so please make sure the words written are your words and not someone else’s.   If the content provided is not ORIGINAL, we will not accept the article until it’s fixed.

If we like your work we’ll continue to send you content writing projects which means more money for you. We are looking for someone to grow with us and this could turn into full time employment in the future.  Pleasee reach out to us today at for your opportunity to earn $15 for every 500 words.

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