Lead Generation

Q: How much does it cost me to sign up as a ChimpPros LLC local contractor?

A: Nothing, Zero, Nada – That’s right, we are here to help you increase your sales and the last thing we want to do is take money for services that haven’t been rendered yet.   Its FREE to sign up as a ChimpPros LLC local contractor and you only pay us when we send you business leads and/or sales.    No risk or obligation.

Q: How does my business benefit from partnering with ChimpPros LLC?

A: There are many benefits with partnering with us.    We do the legwork and spend the money to generate leads for you.   We send you the leads and you convert those into sales.   The leads we provide are solid and many of them will convert.   When they convert, you make money that you wouldn’t have made without us sending you the lead.    The next time that person needs work done, they will most likely call you direct and you’ll owe us nothing on that future service   We are helping you grow your business  and build long term sustainability.

Q: How do I get my leads?

A: We forward all calls from your lead generating website to you.    If a lead is generated through the website via the “contact us” form,  we will forward that to you manually via email.

Q: How many leads do I get per month?

A: You will get ALL of the leads generated through the website every month.  ChimpPros LLC prides ourselves on not having our local contractors compete with each other on the same lead.   Once you are signed up as our local contractor, you get those leads and no one else.    While leads generated monthly will vary based on seasonality, you can expect to receive enough leads to keep you very busy.    We say it all the time, but here it is again, “ChimpPros LLC is here to assist in elevating your business to the next level”.    We know the more leads that we can provide you, the more money you will make and of course, we’ll make more money as well, unless you are on the Monthly Fee Plan, which is the same amount every month no matter how many sales you have.     Its a win/win!!!

Q: What if I’m on vacation?   What happens to those leads?

A: We understand that sometimes you will not be able to take care of the leads based on different circumstances.   If you are unable to handle the leads for a short period of time, we will hold on to them until you return.   We run our business on the same family values as we were raised.   We want you to get away and spend time with family, so we’ll be here when you return.

Q: Do I need to bid on jobs like other competing websites?

A: Absolutely not!!!  We only provide the leads we generate from your area to you.   We’ll protect your service area and not allow another ChimpPro contractor to take leads in your area.

Q: Do you send me leads for areas that my business doesn’t cover?

A: No, not generally.    With that being said, if you do get a lead from out of your area, you DON’T pay for that lead.   We’ll never charge you for leads out of your area, but we focus our advertising efforts, so that doesn’t happen very often.

Q: Do I need liability insurance relating to my business?

A: Yes, we require all of our partners to be insured.   Quite simply, if you don’t have liability insurance,  you need to get it even if you are not going to partner with us.    Its a good practice and is a legal requirement in most states.    Protect yourself and your customer,  make sure you have liability insurance.