Towing Services

Lead Generation for Towing / Wrecker Services

Our Towing and Wrecker Service operators have seen their business increase dramatically based on getting the leads that we provide.    This partnership between you the business owner (Tow Truck operator) and ChimpPros LLC is a great way for you to grow your existing business on a daily basis.    Once you sign up as one of our contractors in your area, we’ll develop and market for services that you offer (example: if you own a towing company, we will market for that type of service).   We pay all of the expenses associated with the website development, domain names and advertising.   In other words, we pay it all.     It costs you NOTHING!!!   We will then provide you with the leads that we generate (Lead generation is our specialty so be prepared to see your business increase).    The services we provide are available to you for a very minimal monthly payment.   One small job pays for your entire month of lead generation services with the rest being extra profits you attain.   Its a win/win!!!   You get unlimited leads and you keep all of the profits from each sale.    In this example, we used a Tow Service , but if you have a business that could benefit from our leads, just let us know and we’ll develop a plan of action for you.

Please call us today at 888.219.0003 or use the contact form below and we’ll get back with you right away.   

*Monthly Fee Plan – A reminder, you DO NOT pay for the actual site or maintenance and your monthly fee covers all of the leads during that particular month.   We DO NOT share the same lead with anyone, so you get all of the leads generated from our site and you keep all of the profits made from them.

Important information to serve you better:

We limit each market to one business contractor, so you are NEVER competing with others in your area from our leads.   In other words, when you become partnered with ChimpPros LLC, you get ALL of the leads generated from that particular website.   We will NEVER have competing websites in the same town as we want you to succeed.