Small Business Leads

The professional staff of Chimppros are experts when it comes to managing a marketing plan for small businesses.   We have worked with small business owners across the country in many different industries and have provided them the marketing which has brought them leads that have turned into paying jobs.    Our passion to see the “small business owner” grow into a profitable business is 2nd to none.

Many small businesses pay lead generation companies a lot of money for every lead and response to that lead.  Those leads are also shared across the area which means you are competing with other companies just like yours.   That’s where we are different.   Our leads are FREE and you only pay when you get the job.   That’s right, only pay when you get the job and NOT when you submit a quote.   Sound to good to be true???  Of course it does, but in this case, it’s true.   Our company has grown substantially by working with contractors across America and have never charged a penny until the small business gets paid.   Oh, and there’s more!!!    We do not send those leads to your competitors.   That’s right, all of the leads we generate in your area are yours to keep and as we said before, you only pay when you get the job.

Here is a summary of how we operate and work for YOU

  • ALL leads are FREE and no cost to you until you get paid from a completed job sent to you by Chimppros

  • All leads from ChimpPros are sent to YOU ONLY and not to your competitors

  • Our professional staff will work hard to bring you leads that will help your business grow

Here is a summary of what we WON’T DO

  • We WILL NOT charge you fees to answer your leads

  • We WILL NOT charge you fees if you don’t get the job

  • We WILL NOT send same leads to anyone else in your immediate service area


We are the marketing experts that will grow your small business.   Contact us today.



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