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We at ChimpPros LLC offer leads FREE of charge to our local contractors.    Our contractors (better known as ChimpPros) work hard everyday to take care of their customers and we work behind the scenes to keep them busy with new customers.    We use creative marketing techniques that creates an interest in the services our local contractors (ChimpPros) provide.    The leads that we create for your small business are the hottest leads in the industry as they are already looking for services that you offer in the area that you service.

Its very important for Small businesses to keep leads coming in so new customers can be gained, as over time everyone in business will lose older customers for a variety of reasons.    You must keep the supply chain open and that’s where we shine.    Once we provide you with the leads, its up to you to turn them into a customer.    Best of all, we DO NOT charge you for the leads, and you only pay a small % of your sale after you complete the job.   We also have a professional plan available where only a small monthly fee is charged and you keep all of the profits with no % of your sale due to ChimpPros.


Once you become a ChimpPros local contractor, our advertising professionals go to work immediately and put a plan in place that will start generating leads for your Tree Removal/Trimming Business.    Be prepared to be busy once our marketing plan is up and running, which doesn’t take long at all.   All markets are different, but we have seen huge success in every market we have entered.   We’ll create interest in your services and a call to action which gets your phone ringing.    We also utilize contact forms and we provide those leads to you immediately via text/email.    As always, the leads we provide are FREE and you only pay after you have completed the job.    If you don’t get the job, then you owe us NOTHING*.


Very Important

We feel its very important for you to know that we do not sell you the leads and as noted, we provide them to you for FREE.    We also don’t give those leads out to more than one local contractor, so you’re not competing for that lead (future customer) with someone else in your market.    We do have waiting lists in some markets to become a ChimpPro, as we only set up one Tree Removal/Trimming local contractor in each market.    We do have other markets that have openings as we also continue to grow as a business.   If you are looking to grow your Tree Removal/Trimming business without paying for the extra advertising and other lead generation techniques we use, then give us a call today at 888.219.0003 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll let you know if their is an opening in the market you serve.

ChimpPros LLC is a huge supporter of Small Businesses all over the country.   That’s why we have chosen to support you, the local business owner.    Let ChimpPros LLC go to work for you today.    We’re growing Small Businesses everyday by connecting people looking for services you provide.   Lets grow together!


TRY US OUT (No Risk)

  • Deposit $149 with NO MONTHLY FEE (deposit credit is returned on completion of first job)
  • Fee: 15% of each completed job provided by ChimpPros LLC
  • $149 credit issued upon completion of jobs provided by ChimpPros LLC
  • $249/month
  • Fee: NO FEES
  • Minimum 30 leads/month — less than 30 leads, a $5 credit per lead up to 30 leads)
  • Just one completed job takes care of your monthly fee with the rest being extra profit for you


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