Cold Weather

Now that October is coming to and end, we all start to think about the much colder air that will soon arrive.   That cold air will also bring many areas of snow over the next few months.   There is big money in snow removal and our current Snow Removal contractors are ready to go for another season.    As the snow starts to fall in the next couple weeks, the leads will start to flow in and we’ll be keeping those guys busy.   We are still having a lot of Tree Trimming requests coming in and those guys are doing very well with the leads we are providing.    There is never a break in the action for those businesses who do tree trimming and snow removal.   There are times that we’ll have leads going to the same contractor for tree removal and snow removal on the same day.    That’s usually because the heavy snow helped pull down a weak tree.    Either way, they are busy.

This winter is expected to be colder than average and that usually brings on more snow as the moisture rolls through.    That’s a far cry from one year ago when temperatures throughout most of the country was about 6 to 10 degrees above normal.

The weather wizards are indicating that anticipated cold waves will lead to some lake effect snow in portions of western and upstate New York, northeastern Ohio and portions of winter-430469_1920western Pennsylvania very soon.

If you are looking for more business this winter, reach out to us here at ChimpPros LLC and we’ll get you signed up as a ChimpPros preferred contractor.    Before you know it, we’ll have leads heading your way to keep you busy this upcoming winter.    If you also do tree trimming or removal services or you are in an area that doesn’t get a lot (if any) snow, lets partner up that as well.    We are growing quickly and now is the time to partner up with us.

Become a ChimpPros contractor today!!!

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